Open Gate

A small scale environmental and educational development charity

Open Gate’s Overseas Work

Overseas projects have no geographical bias and the charity has supported projects in Africa, Asia and South and Central America. Applications for overseas work must come from UK charities.


Examples of Open Gate supported projects:

Planting renewable food and fodder crops in in Qinghai Province, China. Appropriate Technology Asia work across China, Nepal and India on various sanitation and development projects. Other projects include rainwater harvesting, food security and shelter.

Habitat for Humanity build homes in areas where housing is a problem. Open Gate has supported their work in Romania, where, according to the official statistics, 35% of the housing stock is in a state of complete neglect and needing urgent repair.

Children of the Andes help children at risk in Colombia. The 40-year armed conflict in Colombia has left an estimated 3 million people displaced and thousands of children living on the streets. Children of the Andes provides support, training, and education, coupled with healthcare and nutrition to try and help some of these children escape their circumstances.

SACEWD awareness meeting

SACEWD awareness meeting

Environmental education and sustainable argriculture with SACEWD, working with Women's groups in Tamil Nadu, India.

Tools for Self Reliance refurbishes tools in the UK and then sends them to communities in Africa. They support rural artisans and craftworkers with tools and training so they can improve their businesses.

Supporting a Self Help Africa (previously Harvest Help) community development programme in Masaiti, Zambia. This programme includes the promotion of sustainable agriculture techniques as a way of preserving and developing soil fertility, credit schemes to encourage income generation, and the provision of clean and safe water.

Flower Valley Early Learning Centre

The Flower Valley Centre shortly after construction

Helping to fund Fauna & Flora International's Flower Valley Early Learning Centre in South Africa. This building provides both education and childcare to the community, and acts as a conference room, training centre, community hall and monthly clinic.

Farm Africa's agricultural and environmental education project in schools in Babati, Tanzania. Children are taught about keeping rabbits and chickens, and demonstration orchards have been established in 8 schools. Other schools have been able to improve their water supply through the use of rainwater harvesting. This project also includes HIV/AIDS awareness education, as almost one in ten of the population in Tanzania are living with HIV/AIDS.